I like how Matt Webb continues to imagine possible futures. This is all about music and standards, and how they change over time with new media forms to carry the music. It makes you wonder if this is the future of music streaming services, and how voice can me a (passive) input to determine mood, alongside the built up knowledge graph to determine what changes will suit you best.

Perhaps… (…) Amazon could team up with video game publishers via the relationships established with Twitch, together defining a “soundscape” format for long music, to be broadcast through Amazon Echoes and wherever the Amazon app is to be found, initially as a way to publish game soundtracks in a more authentic form than 74 minute static albums, but really open to any artist, the format eventually finding its own Brian Eno or Ennio Morricone but actually it’s a 14 year old kid somewhere in the sticks?

Video game soundtracks, and a format for adaptive long music by Matt Webb