Sam Warnaars

I made it to the Benelux office, 2 years and 1 day after joining Disney Streaming. Starting 2023 I’ll be in the office a little more often.

I finished listening: The War on the West by Douglas Murray — ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — initially I was afraid this would be to rightist for my taste, but I found it insightful and balanced📚

🔗 How to use Memory Saver and Energy Saver Chrome browser

Source: How to use Memory Saver and Energy Saver Chrome browser at Setapp Blog RSS

🔗 How to use Memory Saver and Energy Saver Chrome browser

Source: How to use Memory Saver and Energy Saver Chrome browser at Setapp Blog RSS

🔗 34: Rating The Pluses

This one is on the to listen list. Source:…

🔗 34: Rating The Pluses

This one is on the to listen list.Source: 34: Rating The Pluses at Downstream

Something new starting 2021

I’m almost ready to do another class for Beeckestijn. Tomorrow I’ll have 8 people in my group for a deep dive in Voice technology and use cases. I’m looking forward to teaching:)

Currently reading: Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker 📚

Experiment: Publieke dagelijkse Audio update

De eerste update in audio vorm hier. Wat we nu al iets langer dan een week af en aan via Cappuccino doen — een app die je in staat stelt om een social audio bulletin te maken — probeer ik het nu meer publiek te doen. Ik denk dat ik dit een week of twee ga proberen:)

Summertime 😓

Learnings en ideeën na live streaming met Arthur

Net heb ik met Arthur de derde livestream sessie gehad. Sinds vorige week hebben we een korte checklist met items die we wilden verbeteren. Bv de checklist om er zeker van te zijn dat de audio nu wel goed door kwam, en een korte agenda met punten die we wilden behandelen. Nu een dump van dingen die …

Learnings Zoom college geven

Gisteren gaf ik via zoom een college over Voice. Dit was de eerste keer dat ik virtueel les gaf, dus tijd om wat punten van reflectie te delen zodat ik de volgende keer het nog wat beter kan doen. Allereerst: Volgens mij ging het prima. Ik vond dat ik te veel heb gezegd; waar ik in het begin bang …

Future music formats

I like how Matt Webb continues to imagine possible futures. This is all about music and standards, and how they change over time with new media forms to carry the music. It makes you wonder if this is the future of music streaming services, and how voice can me a (passive) input to determine mood, …

Besides listing speaking engagements, let’s also move this to a domain that is easier to remember:

With all the list keeping, why not keep some lists in public? I just started to make a list of all the public speaking engagements I had in the past few years. Find it under “speaking”.

Multiple floors of painted trains

I’ve been looking for the settings to setup cross posting from here to twitter, but so far with no success. Based on the info on the help page (, I’m expecting it on Account > Feeds: Edit Feeds & Cross-posting. I can only find a …

3rd Christmas Day

🔗 Google VP says guests should be informed if you have smart devices in the home

The devices can also record independently of user commands, which means users might not realize the Nest has been activated. While the four LEDs on top of a Nest Mini (and the corresponding lights on the Nest Hub Max) should indicate the device is listening, the method is not foolproof. With devices …

📈 Sharp decline in Instagram engagement (2019H1)

TikTok is winning engagement over Instagram. Gary Vaynerchuk raised the alarm on instagram, and suggested to look for other channels if you want to reach young people.

📈 Voice Assistant users in Switzerland (2019H1)

🔗 Cruise Ships Offer Next-Generation Guest Experiences with Voice Assistants

The cruise industry has changed significantly in the past 10 years as have the people who board the ships. Unlike passengers of the past, today’s travelers don’t want to fully escape the connectivity they have on land. Quite the opposite, and cruise lines are responding with increasingly …