“If the sky is the limit, why are there footsteps on the moon?”

I’m curious to explore what’s next, and I want to document that journey in another way than slidedecks.

So here is my attempt. Feel free to join the adventure.

In case you came here for something like a bio:

Sam Warnaars (1981) is Principal Consultant Innovation at Merkle. With over a decade of experience in digital, he has built connected services that touched the lives of millions. Given his work at companies such as NOS, Sanoma and now Merkle, chances are you use his applications on a daily basis.

Over the span of his career, Sam has worked with R&D departments of global players in Tech (Microsoft, Blackberry), Consumer Electronics (Sony, Samsung, Philips) and Automotive (PSA Peugeot Citroën) to create digital products that define their categories.

The practical application of technological innovations is Sam’s main interest, with a strong focus on the human aspect of the technology. Whether its Internet connected devices, Computer Vision or Conversational Interfaces, Sam knows his way around the digital future.

Sam Warnaars @Warnaars