In am getting behind on schedule. There are so many things I need to write about. I think I’ll just have to skip some things to shorten the list. I’ll have to skip the nightlife report for this weekend. I heard people saw me in Red Square, Vertigo, K7, Stadium, Dragon Fly and Embassy. A crazy weekend indeed. I already mentioned the birthday party of Cindy, and in the same light, I might have another social activity some time before I leave for home. Right now I am looking into that.

Something I promised to report about was the food I had this weekend. DiningRia, an informal dinner club that goes out into town to explore the wide variety of food that is not commonly served, had a day out. I thought the original plan was to have one special dish per time we went out, but I kicked off with a couple more the first time! Here I’ll give you a small report on where to eat what, and how much we paid for it. Please, if you have suggestions on where to have the same meal, but in a better quality, please leave it in the comments. Also suggestions are more than welcome. I’ll try everything as long you join me for a bite ;)

The first part is for the dishes we had at Lapo. Lapo is well-known for the dog and pork dishes. I will add the pictures later, internet is too slow in opening the flickrpage with all pictures of the food tried so far. It has a short description with the image, but soon it will just be here too. Currious anyways? Just click here to go to the flickrset directly.

Papaya/Singkong (3000 IDR ~ 0,30 EUR) This is a green mix of vegies and a creamy taste, if I remember correctly. It had a little bit the taste of kale (boerenkool). Not bad at all, although it didn’t look tasty at first.

Babi Sangsang (9.000 IDR ~ 1,00 EUR) Delicious. I love pork, it was sweet with a scent of bacon. This would make a nice snack along your beer.

Babi Panggang (10.000 IDR ~ 1,00 EUR) Too bad the sauce made it taste the same like the dog (or the other way around). Nice though. Vanessa (a reader of this blog) explained me why the sauce is so tasty. In an email she wrote: “Speaking of Lapo’s most notable dish, “Sangsang” that is, it can be made from dog meat or pork, ever wondered what makes the sauce tastes kinda tasty? It’s made from dog/pig’s blood mixed up with other ingredients (herbs and spices), the mixture is cooked along with the meat in hours till the blood is coagulated.”

Anjing Sangsang (10.000 IDR ~ 0,90 EUR) Yes,. anjing. Anjing is a dog, or when you yell it, it’s a bad word. I didn’t expect dogs to be served in Indonesia, for some reason I thought they only served those in China.. But no, they also serve it at Lapo. I had to guess which meat was the one from the dog, because the Babi RW looked the same. I was told in an email by one of the readers that these dogs are not breed, but actually come from the kampung, the village. The meat is just like normal meet though.

Feeling sick, or do you think that I missed something? If you know where I can get a hold of the dish I should really try, please leave me a comment. I will see if it’s possible to go there to try the food. I feel like trying everything, as long it doesn’t kill me or get me sick. I could also say, as long you are eating along :)

I can imagine a lot of you don’t want to try this, even when I tell you the taste is nice. Just in case you gott curious, Lapo has several places all over Jakarta:

  • Jalan Gelora Los A1, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat (Center)
  • HP: 08128120312 / 08128404436
  • Jalan Satria Raya No. 166, Grogol
  • Blok R.L. Sektor VII No. 24 (beside Mc Donalds), BSD Serpong
  • Jalan Margonda Raya No. 217, Depok
  • TEL: (021) 7775468